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 Who we are  
 How does it work  
 Plans for the future  
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 Who we are
A small team of developers with the love of football use their knowledge to provide a handy search engine for bets.
To find suitable bets, you need a lot of time and the search engine should help to narrow down possible football games as a pre -filter.
Another analysis of the games is still necessary, but a lot of time and effort were saved.
This project is currently more a hobby and the future will show whether the website can exist profitably.
The contact address is: info.crackthebet@gmail.com
 How does it work
The basis is a modern in-memory database.
It will be updated every 6 hours with football games for the next 3 days. The associated betting odds are updated every 3 hours.
Up to 5 filters can be combined to find games that meet the chosen criteria.
Only games with at least 5 games without gaming break (20 days or more) are considered.
A unique 'filter code' or 'link' is generated which can be reused for future searches.
The search engine works in every browser on PC/laptop and of course on every cell phone.
The result of the search should only be seen as help, do not forget to further analyze the results of the search.
 Plans for the future
First target is a stable error-free search engine.
Then it is necessary to find a way to at least cover the server costs.
At the moment there is no obtrusive advertising and we rely on donations and possible future sponsors.
In the long run it would be nice if the project justifies the effort and costs.
 Support us
In order to continue to be able to do without intrusive advertising,
it would be nice if sponsors could be found who would like to support the project (links, appropriate overlays)
or people who successfully use the search engine would donate something.
Of course, it is also helpful if errors or suggestions for improvement are reported, but covering the running costs has the highest priority.